I added to my formula all those substances known to be used by the brain to make and regulate its neurotransmitter system. It has been shown that a very malicious component of the aging processes occurs in brain tissue whereby the brain actually becomes depleted of the basic neurotransmitters needed for healthy brain function.



This depletion of brain neurotransmitter availability causes dysfunction peculiar to the function of each neurotransmitter. For example achetylcholine is important in memory brain functions, dopamine increases sex drive and aggression.

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GABA is necessary for sleep and inhibition, while serotonin is critical for anti-depression and feelings of well being. Serotonin is a good prototype to explain how I developed my formula. Prozac type drugs have become so popular because this medication increases the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain which funtions to ward off depression.



The problem is that Prozac and it?s related drugs, the SSRI?s (Specific Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) can eventually deplete the brain of serotonin which is the opposite effect desired. This occurs because when its reuptake is delayed in the presynapses of neurons an enzyme in the synaptic space called monoamine oxidase (MOA) digests serotonin and its digested component parts exit the brain through the blood- brain barrier – anti aging eye cream.

So whether you need a prozac like drug or not we should all be taking 5-hydroxy tryptophan supplementation which is quickly converted into serotonin by the brain and stored in the serotonergic pre-synaptic vesicles ready to act as a natural brain antidepressant. Even if you still need to take a prozac like drug you then especially need to replenish your serotonin with 5-hydroxy tryptophan.

Most physicians prescribing this drug do not understand this nutritional mechanism enough to know they should recommend 5-hydroxy-typtophan to their patients taking Prozac- like medication ( i.e. zoloft, ?… ) It is ignorance of this knowledge so prevalent today because of the ?managed care affect? on medicine that is to blame ) I have put neurotransmitter precursor supplements for all the brain neurotransmitters in my formula in an effort to reverse the age related depletion of these needed substances.

All the elements of my formula are the same natural nutrient molecules that your body uses from food to make these functional neurotransmitters.However, because of the age related damage to our brain tissue’s molecular ?equipment? to process and make these substances from food occurs as we get older my formula helps the brain by providing the brain cells exactly what it needs in high quantity and quality so that even an aged brain can get the job done. The effects are in my opinion amazing. So much so that people tend to feel the effects of my formula almost immediately! Over time this effect improves considerably–in my experience.  about master cleanse diet

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